Which P2E Game fits you and your lifestyle?

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7 min readMay 20, 2022

The play-to-earn (P2E) industry is gaining more traction than ever before. As the gaming industry intersects with the crypto space, gamers now see and embrace the play-and-earn paradigm. Thus, the number of developers venturing into P2E games is also increasing.

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Are you wondering if play-and-earn really is the next best thing for gamers?

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Choosing which P2E games to play may be daunting, especially if you are a beginner in the space. Before committing to a game, you should know your availability, skills, and game preferences. Check out some key factors that will help you determine which P2E game fits you and your lifestyle:

For active people

Are you fond of doing physical activities such as walking, running, cycling, and others? The best crypto games for you are those under the genre of “move-to-earn.” Remember when Nintendo released the popular Wii console or the Pokemon GO mobile app? Move-to-earn crypto games are like that, except that the more you move, the more money you earn.

Check out the top move-to-earn games in the crypto space that you might want to try playing:

  • STEP’N

To play STEP’N, you have to buy an NFT sneaker on its marketplace. Once you have a sneaker, you can earn tokens (GST) by walking and running around. The NFT shoes can also be rented or sold on the in-app marketplace. GST rewards can level up the shoes or mint new ones.


Digital Fitness is a project integrated into the 360 Wellness mobile app powered by DEFIT token. It aims to empower fitness enthusiasts by rewarding them with crypto tokens while exercising.

• Dustland Runner

Dustland Runner describes itself as a move-to-win blockchain-based game. Here, your physical productions like sprints are rewarded through the DOSE token, which you can use to update your character and get access to other in-game items.

  • Genopets

Genopets is built on the Solana Blockchain that encourages physical activity through GENE token rewards. The game gets users’ step data through mobile phone movement monitoring. The GENE token also acts as a governance and staking token.

For busy people

If you have a full-time job or are heavily committed to something but still want to venture within the P2E industry, try casual P2E games. These games do not require you to grind or spend a lot of playing time. You can open the game whenever you are free and want to play puzzles, races, adventures, or other simple but addictive games.

Take a look at some of the top casual P2E games below:

  • Ethlas

Your goal in Ethlas is to father Gems, which can be converted into earnings or used to upgrade your characters. The universe within the game is filled with NFTs called Komo creatures, which you can use to generate XGEM tokens. It was awarded “Best NFT/GameFi Project” last December 2021 by the Polygon Foundation.

  • Project Pigeon

Built on the Polygon Network, Project Pigeon is the blockchain-based game version of Flappy Bird, but it is still in closed beta mode. It has three game modes where you can mint eggs and create unique characters that can be sold on the game’s marketplace. You can earn VIVE tokens and convert them to fiat or real money.

  • Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World combines treasure hunt and puzzle game elements. It is one of the most popular casual P2E games on social media and is available on both Apple Store and Google Store. In the game, you have to explore and find the location of keys and vaults. Once you find one, you have to solve the riddles or puzzles to unlock and earn crypto tokens successfully.

For students

Are you a student who wants to earn extra income without the physical and mental stress of part-time or freelance jobs? Then playing NFT games is one great solution for you. Maintain a steady and excellent performance (or grind if you must), and a lucrative side-hustle is waiting for you.

Here are some of the best P2E games for grinders or those who are looking for something where they can earn money quickly:

  • Axie Infinity

A team of decent Axies might be costly to buy, but your rewards may grow proportionally. In the game, you will be given a set of 4 random cards per Axie that you will use to exploit your opponent’s energy.

Of course, we know you might not have enough money to buy the NFTs upfront. This is where crypto gaming guilds come in, such as Railings University. You can join the guild and apply as a gamer.

Once you are in the crypto gaming guild, you will be given your account without shelling any money for the Axies. The total rewards will then be split between you and the guild.

  • Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world where you can own and develop your real estate. You can put anything on your land like 3D scenes, static objects, buildings, or art pieces. You can even host games and events inside. Depending on how well you have developed it, you can sell your land or other NFTs within the game for a higher price.

For avid gamers

If you are a gamer at heart, chances are you have high standards for choosing a game to play. Thankfully, crypto game developers are now working on AAA projects that may set the standard for P2E gaming in the following years to come. Check out some of the new or upcoming AAA games that will suit avid and hardcore gamers below:

  • Illuvium

Illuvium is a playable metaverse game with a 3D setting and over 100 unique Illuvials across the virtual cosmos. It is being developed by siblings Kieran and Aaron Warwick. The project is also backed up by prominent institutions and platforms such as LD Capital, Yield Guild Games, Lotus Capital, and Delphi Digital. Due to its superb graphics and gameplay, Illuvium has gained more than 250,000 fans on social media.

  • Blocklords

Blocklords is a P2E strategy game where you create heroes, build armies, and invade medieval lands within the metaverse. You also have access to commerce, conquest, and tax collection features in the game. To play, you have to buy your in-game character, which is in the form of NFT. You can play as a knight, raider, farmer, merchant, and more.

  • Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a blockchain-based chess game perfect for skillful gamers. You will play and earn by competing in chess tournaments and owning in-game characters here. The game developers came from prominent companies such as EA and Activision.

To offset the negative environmental costs of minting its Moj-Seed NFTs, Planet Moko has partnered with a nonprofit organization called One Tree Planted. For every NFT you purchase, the game will sponsor the planting and maintenance of one tree.

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