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7 min readApr 4, 2022
Play It Forward DAO’s Popular Play to Earn Gaming Partners

If you’re looking for a new way to make some extra cash, you may want to consider playing games. Yes, you read that right! Playing games can help you earn some extra money on the side.

Would you like to get access to multiple trending play-to-earn games in the metaverse? Play it Forward DAO is a crypto gaming guild company that made it easy for you to access popular and new P2E games and have a chance to earn more than usual. Visit our website to learn more!

If you would like to learn everything about how play to earn works first? You should check out this article first.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best trending play-to-earn games that are currently available. So, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out, read on for the top plays to earn games that are sure to provide hours of fun!

There are tons of play-to-earn games these days. However, Play It Forward DAO has compiled a list of our best trending crypto gaming partners that are sure to give you hours of enjoyment and more earnings. Here they are!

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a very popular pet game that is currently trending. In this game, you are able to collect and battle different creatures called Axies. There are many different ways to earn money in the game, such as breeding, winning battles, selling eggs, collecting, and building a kingdom for pets. Axie Infinity is a gaming partner of Play It Forward DAO


Apeiron game is free-to-play, with the goal of earning tokens that can be used to purchase NFTs. These are basically like other games’ items but they come from grinding and there’s not much variation in them at all; you just keep getting more until your inventory runs dry or something else happens before then! The second pillar involves action role-playing elements where players explore worlds looking for treasure among other things while also upgrading their characters through leveling up which brings us back around again into this third point — god simulator stuff happening on top. You might think it sounds uninteresting when read alone, however you will love playing this game. Apeiron is an NFT gaming partner of Play It Fwd DAO.

Avarik Saga

Can you imagine a world where gamers could own their in-game assets? That is exactly what the Avarik Saga team has created. This new metaverse game will be one of the first-ever JRPG NFT P2E games to introduce blockchain technology into millions upon billions worldwide! Avarik Saga is a crypto gaming partner of Play It Forward DAO.

Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMHunt)

Blockchain Monster Hunt takes the world of Pokemon and turns it on its head. With a new, innovative blockchain-based metaverse game engine that allows players to explore different locations in search of monsters that they can battle or capture. Blockchain MH provides an exciting experience unlike any other! BCMHunt is PIF DAO’s gaming partner.

Cradles: Origin of Species

Cradles: Origin of Species is the first blockchain MMORPG set in medieval times. Imagine a world where you are the first human, and every creature in your environment is trying to kill or eat you. You must survive by hunting prey on land developed from nothing more than volcanic dust long ago while being pursued through forests filled with dangerous creatures waiting for an opportunity at their next meal! Cradles: Origin of Species is a gaming partner of Play It Fwd DAO.


The game of football is always a popular one, and now you can take your favorite pastime online with CyBall. This NFT system has players from all around the world vying for goals as they compete against each other in this fast-paced matchmaking event! CyBall is an NFT gaming partner of Play It Forward DAO.

Defy Disrupt

Defy Disrupt is the world’s first location-based steal-to-earn. In this game, players explore the world and scan for vulnerable access points to inject zero-day exploits into the Future Systems network and steal FCOINs. Defy Disrupt is a crypto gaming partner of PlayItFwd DAO.


Dragonary is free to play and can be accessed via PC, laptop, or Mac. It features both PvE (player versus environment) content where players fight against monsters in an attempt to earn coins that they need for upgrades while also having some skill-based PVP battles where one might face off another player’s dragon! Dragonary is PIF DAO’s crypto gaming partner

Duckie Land

The land of Duckie Land is a delightful place where players can do all sorts of activities from mining and farming to fishing. But the most popular way for them to get rewards in this world is through trading these NFT items! Duckie Land is a gaming partner of PIF DAO.


The Eizperchain game is a battle royale type of gameplay with an interesting story and NFT collectible cards. Rewards will be given out to those who fight in the arena, so it’s worth checking out! Eizperchain is an NFT gaming partner of PIF DAO.


Ethlas is a blockchain-based game where you can earn crypto by playing casual games. It’s available on both PC and mobile, so there’s no need to miss out! A crypto gaming partner of Play It Fwd DAO.


HappyLand is an indoors-outdoors await for you. Based on Facebook’s extremely popular game Farmville, this place has everything that one would need in their rural life — from cows to chickens and even pigs! With many different types of crops available as well as helpful tools such as tractors or plows; it will be hard not finding ways enjoyable things here at HappyLand — a PIF DAO’s NFT gaming partner.

Mecha Morphing

Eventually, the world will become a more dangerous place. And you’ll need to be prepared for anything with these sleek and futuristic weapons from Mecha Morphing — a gaming partner of PlayItFwd DAO. In this browser-based game where players can invest $MMC or MAPE through investments including armor pieces land characters; they’re going back in time so that everything is possible again — but only if your courage stays strong enough.


MetaGear is a pixelated art masterpiece that stimulates players’ tactical skills and creativity when they build their own machine. With PvP mode, it’s never been easier to test out your battle strategy. MetaGear is an NFT gaming partner of PlayItFwd DAO.


Metagods is a blockchain-based MMORPG that features 8bit characters, epic NFTs and the ability to loot them. You can expect your next favorite game as you explore mythical monsters’ caves or defeat powerful demons in battle! MetaGods is a crypto gaming partner of PIF DAO.

Mirror World

Mirror World is an innovative metaverse game that provides connections to different games and game scenarios, giving players a chance for economic freedom in their own unique ecosystem. Mirror World is a partner of Play It Forward DAO.

Nitro league

Glistening cars and sleek designs await this next generation of racers! With cutting-edge gameplay mechanics, as well competitions for those who want to take their skill sets online against others from around the world; it’s time you got involved with Nitro League — a partner of Play It Fwd DAO

Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy)

This horse racing game is unlike any other! You can race your own Pegas or rent them out for a fee. The goal? To earn money, of course — but there are also rewards up for grabs in this exciting new platform designed by Polygon Blockchain Technology Ltd., including the chance at owning some rare breeds that may not be available anywhere else. Pegaxy is a partner of PIF DAO.


Sipher is a new, innovative game that allows players to explore their creativity by using an Ethereum-based blockchain. In this multiplayer dungeon crawl, MOBA built on top of CryptoCurrency technology you get access to your own avatar in which fight against other people’s avatars for control over a territory called Sipheria. Sipher is a gaming partner of PlayItFwd DAO.

Tank Wars

Get ready to engage in battle tanks with a lot of different gaming modes. Enjoy varieties of battle mechanics and win the battles to earn more. Tank Wars is PIF DAO’s partner.

Thetan Arena

TheThetan Arena is a blockchain-based esports game where you can gather your friends, form teams, and battle against others in order to earn money. Thetan Arena is Play It Fwd DAO’s game partner.

Now that you found out all of Play It Forward DAO’s play-to-earn gaming partners, you will have tons of great options on which P2E game is the right one for you! Our team is continuously searching for more games to invest in so you can explore a lot more new games moving forward. Play more P2E games, one player at a time!

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