Jerico Obar as third runner up in Destiny Games: Battle of Prodigies

Railings University won 3rd place in Destiny Games: Battle of Prodigies

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Last April 4 to 9, Railings University competed with seven other guilds in Destiny Games: Battle of Prodigies Invitational League. Each guild consisting of 16 players plus an additional 16 direct invites gave their all in the tournament to become the first Ultimate Prodigy.

Out of these 144 players, Railings University player Jerico Obar managed to clash through the Grand Finale and took home the 3rd prize! Play It Forward DAO arranged an interview with the legendary RU member to talk about his experience in the tournament.

From a mere Axie Infinity gamer into an RU Legend

Having played video games since his Senior High School years, Jerico Obar found out about Railings University through his friends, who are also members of the guild. He then applied for an Axie Infinity sponsorship under RU in October 2021.

Jerico’s enthusiasm for playing chess led to his outstanding gameplays in Axie Infinity. As a result, he soon got accepted as a Team Lead in the guild, wherein he was given his own Axie Infinity team. He has also become one of the pioneers of RU Legends, a title given to the most active and top-performing players of the guild.

Due to his excellent standing in the guild, Jerico was one of the 16 chosen members to represent Railings University for the Destiny Games: Battle of Prodigies Invitational League. Despite being his first-ever Axie Infinity competition, he still climbed the top 3 of the tournament.

Being an RU gamer, Jerico said that the chances given by the guild, such as the upgrades and in-game assets, have helped him and his team immensely. The rewards he earns are also helpful for his regular allowance and budget as a 2nd-year engineering student. As for the prize he got from the tournament, the RU Legend said he would use it to prepare for the upcoming face-to-face classes.

When asked for any messages or tips to his fellow RU gamers who will soon enter competitions as he did, Jerico’s advice is to keep on grinding. He also added that once in the tournament, it is crucial to observe the gameplay of the competitors and watch for the replays to analyze their tactics.

Check out the recorded live stream of Destiny Games: Battle of Prodigies Invitational League below:

Are you ready to become the next P2E gaming legend?

A plethora of rewards and opportunities are waiting for aspiring Railings University gamers! Start your P2E journey and get a chance to participate in tournaments and competitions just like what Jerico experienced by being an RU member. Check out Railings University’s Discord channel for more information.

About Railings University

Railings University (RU) is a crypto gaming guild powered by the Play It Forward (PIF) token. It has over 17,000 members and more than 3,000 gamers. This guild was established by the Play It Forward DAO founders to give gamers from all walks of life a chance to play crypto games at no financial cost.

Those interested in becoming RU gamers will get a chance to play the most popular P2E games as well as other new and upcoming titles in the crypto gaming industry. Railings University is a platform where its members do not just play to earn, but instead, learn, play, and earn.

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