Play It Forward’s P2E Board: Play-to-Earn Made Easy

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3 min readJan 13, 2022


Since GameFi and play-to-earn (P2E) games first hit the blockchain scene, excitement around the concept has exploded. Games like Axie Infinity have given millions of players around the world the ability to make real money by playing the kinds of games they already enjoy. And new P2E games are being launched every day.

To put it simply, GameFi is one of the hottest ideas in the blockchain market right now.

The Challenges of P2E Gaming

Unfortunately, P2E gaming isn’t without its challenges and barriers to entry. There are investors who are interested in the earning potential of P2E games but don’t care to play them. Meanwhile, there are countless players who would love to play but don’t have the resources to purchase the necessary NFTs and other digital assets.

These problems faced by investors and potential players alike have largely been solved by the creation of guilds.

How Guilds Empower Players & Investors

Guilds allow investors to purchase the digital assets needed to play P2E games, and then put them into the hands of users (or scholars) who are ready to play, but don’t have the money to invest. This allows both groups of people to benefit and earn by reducing barriers of entry.

These guilds are run by guild managers who recruit and train new players, track guild earnings, and more. It’s a great system that benefits everyone involved. And it has the potential for growing the P2E market since it makes these games available to a far wider audience.

Play It Forward’s Solution To Guild Management Problems

Unfortunately, building and managing an effective guild isn’t easy. It involves a host of tasks, tools, and processes. Until recently, guild managers have had the challenge of keeping up with everything without the benefit of a central hub. This has hindered countless guilds from reaching their maximum potential. But the team at Play It Forward wants to change that with its unique P2E Board, a single platform that simplifies building and managing a guild.

Using their experience with building their own P2E guilds, the founders of Play It Forward’s P2E Board have created a platform that includes everything a guild needs to succeed. Scholars who want in on the action can easily find guild managers and join their team. Then, they can keep track of their payouts across all their favorite P2E games. In addition, they can collaborate with other guild members, earning more and developing meaningful relationships in the process.

Managers can get more information about potential scholars, ensuring they’re a good fit for their guild. And once they’ve built a solid stable of players, managers will be able to track performance, earnings, and more.

Anyone who’s interested in joining Play It Forward’s P2E Board will need the DAO’s $PIF tokens. By staking them on the platform, users will be able to share in the rewards and will be given access to exclusive, more robust features.

Play It Forward: Building A Better P2E Experience For All

P2E Board will streamline and enhance the process of building a gaming community. Players, investors, and managers will be able to find like-minded people who share similar passions and dreams. And then, they’ll be able to work together to make those dreams a reality for everyone.

Play It Forward DAO’s P2E Board will make P2E games more accessible than ever before by ensuring that anyone who wants to play is able to. It will even open the door for people unfamiliar with crypto and blockchain gaming to try it out for the first time through intuitive and simplified user experiences. Its founders have made it clear that their desire is to expand the space by making P2E gaming fun, safe, and rewarding for its participants.

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a metaverse eco-system builder with a focus on Web3 game investment and a large-scale guild of 3,000+ gamers (Railings University) across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

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