Play It Forward DAO Raises US$6M to Drive Growth in Play-to-Earn Gaming

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5 min readJan 3, 2022


Play It Forward DAO (PIF DAO) is proud to kick off 2022 on a strong note — announcing the completion of a US$6 million private round, co-led by Signum Capital, Kyber Ventures, and UOB Venture Management. Our other partners comprise Jump Capital, GBV, LD Capital, Great South Gate, Octava, 975 Capital, Arcane Group, Tokocrypto, AU21, Double Peak Group, Faculty Group, NxGen, DWeb3 Capital, GSR, SL2 Capital, and Mintable. The company also welcomed notable angel investors.

With a diverse set of investors across all aspects of the Metaverse, their backing positions PIF DAO well to execute on our mission to Make Play More Rewarding. This round further supports PIF DAO as we achieve our long-term goal of building an ecosystem designed to drive growth in Play-to-Earn and create a Metaverse for all.

What is next?

Over the last 6 months, we have built a community of over 40,000 participants and more than 3,000 scholars (among the largest guilds globally) across multiple games (Axie Infinity, Thetan Arena, Pegaxy). We are embarking on the next phase of our DAO — building a platform that will transform Play-to-Earn into a Plug-and-Play experience for more guilds and players around the world. We are ready to Play. It. Forward.

Our guild management platform, P2E Board, will enable efficient management of guilds and allow every manager to scale their operations quickly.

Seeking to democratize the Metaverse, PIF DAO’s objective is not to take a larger piece of the pie but to grow the pie and increase rewards for players. Built on fun and opportunity, PIF DAO pushes the Metaverse forward by creating an ecosystem for gamers, by gamers.

What makes us unique?

Play It Forward intends to redefine earning by making play more rewarding. We execute on this vision via our unique combination of a guild management platform (P2E Board) and a large scale guild (PIF Guild)

  1. P2E Board — a market-leading guild management platform that will give guilds and players a seamless Plug-and-Play experience in the Metaverse and build immutable profiles for their Play-to-Earn journey
  2. PIF Guild — one of the largest guilds globally, clocking in at over 3,000 scholars and 40,000 community members, poised to enter more markets and bring Play-to-Earn to more communities in need

Moving forward, the PIF ecosystem will mobilize capital to enable more users to access the Metaverse. PIF DAO — via PIF Guild and P2E Board — intends to be the bridge between sources of capital and users of assets.

Thoughts from our backers

PIF’s end-to-end guild management platform can offer seamless off-ramp and credit facilities for guilds and their players through its partnership with exchanges and local established fintech players. Together, they embody the core idea to what makes an effective guild — creating a great experience for gamers. The founders have the business acumen and proven execution capability, and we believe they will expand their horizons by partnering with major game studios and publishers when the existing gaming industry evolves. So yes, we are indeed betting on the future of this solid team. — YY Lai, Partner at Signum Capital

Kyber Ventures confidently invested in PIF because of their unique guild gaming system, which can drive value to the Play-to-Earn economy as a whole. We believe the P2E movement will continue strong, and onboard tens of millions of new users to the Metaverse. — Loi Luu, Founder of Kyber Network

Scholars need an easy way to assess the economic opportunity for the different guilds and games on offer, and a payout method they can trust while guild managers need a way to assess the gaming experience of a scholar. PIF offers an intuitive and seamless platform for both sides of the market. — Jump Capital

We are thrilled to work with the Play It Forward DAO as they advance blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming through the DAO model. The unprecedented rise of the guild demonstrated success through Axie Infinity, and growing industry tailwinds are promising signs for PIF in the coming months. — AU21 Team

We are excited to be working alongside Play It Forward DAO and proud to be part of the journey. The platform is intuitive, frictionless and inclusive to millions of people worldwide and it is miles ahead of the competition. Play It Forward DAO is setting the benchmark for what quality projects should be doing, bringing new and exciting technology to the masses and the Play to Earn space. They can rely on our continued support for the long term. — SL2 Capital

Play It Forward DAO aims to reduce barriers to P2E economic opportunity for every player around the world to have equal access. Mintable Go! Fund investment in PIF underscores our strong confidence in the potential of the project amid the growth in the GameFi economy. We believe the new paradigm for the gaming industry will be centred around blockchain technology and Play It Forward DAO is poised to be an all-in-one platform for P2E games and it’s community. — Mintable

I invested in Play It Forward DAO as an angel investor because I find the team has great people and great visions. You guys know well the core values of P2E and have a great plan to bring them to NFT owners, scholars and of course, investors like us. — Ken Pham

About us

Play It Forward DAO is a metaverse eco-system builder with a focus on Web3 game investment and a large-scale guild of 3,000+ gamers (Railings University) across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

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