Play It Forward DAO partners with DEFY

Play It Forward DAO joins the revolution with DEFY

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4 min readMar 30, 2022


When it comes to gaming, everyone loves immersive graphics, melodious soundtracks, original storylines, and more. In other words, players love diverse and captivating game experiences. But most of all, gamers love turning their in-game achievements into real-life monetary rewards!

The concept of play-to-earn gaming is no longer new. Countless crypto projects are exploring how games can be turned into something that will not just bring entertainment but will also provide ever-lasting rewards.

This is where the partnership between Play It Forward DAO and a location-based mobile play-to-earn (P2E) game, DEFY, becomes valuable. Together, the two can create a more rewarding and exciting metaverse for everyone!

What is DEFY?

DEFY Disrupt is a P2E mobile game built on the Polygon blockchain. Here. you will be immersed in a metaverse that connects the physical and virtual world together. Through the use of Augmented Reality (VR), algorithmically generated geolocations, and collaborative gameplay, players can now enjoy a realistic metaverse with no geographic boundaries.

In the game, you will be referred to as an “operative” who will join a revolutionary hacker organization to keep the metaverse open and out of control of Future Systems, an evil tech oligarchy. The DEFY in-game economy is powered by the DEFY token ($DEFY) and NFT Virtual Private Masks, which are used to hack into the Future Systems’ network to bring it to its knees.

The NFT Virtual Private Masks are required for all operatives to hide their identity during the exploitation of Future Systems. Those who have premium masks can convert their collected in-game currency (FCOIN) to $DEFY.

The in-game currency, FCOIN, spewed by the hacked towers can also be used to speed up research tasks. These tasks can be in the form of code-breaking or puzzle-solving and must be completed to generate usable exploits. To successfully hack network towers, you need to explore the real world and perform scans to detect vulnerable towers. The exploits collected during the research tasks are uploaded to the tower to complete the hack.

Don’t forget to watch out for drones that the Future Systems deployed to guard and fight back against DEFY operatives! If you are captured by a drone, your FCOIN balance will be reduced.

FCOIN can be collected after successfully hacking a Future Systems tower. This in-game currency can be sent to the treasury, managed by the founder of DEFY revolution, Kha0s. Those who will send their FCOIN to the treasury will be rewarded with $DEFY tokens in proportion to their contribution. DEFY also incentivizes those who are able to recruit new operatives.

You can play the game via a token and NFT purchase but for those who don’t have the means to get started, DEFY also offers a free-to-play pathway. For free-to-play users, generic masks will be granted.

How Play It Forward DAO will empower DEFY players

To make the metaverse more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, Play It Forward DAO has a PIF Guild and P2E Board. The PIF Guild will open the door to millions of players around the world who want to earn money while enjoying the innovative and entertaining gameplay of DEFY.

The PIF Guild will allow DEFY players to earn rewards without making a huge investment in NFTs or tokens. Those who purchased in-game assets will gain a percentage of rewards by staking their NFTs. Over 3,000 members have joined the guild so there will be plenty of lucrative opportunities for DEFY players.

Aside from the PIF Guild, Play It Forward DAO also offers its P2E Board for all DEFY players. With the help of the P2E Board, players can now see their DEFY in-game data such as their rankings at a glance.

About DEFY

DEFY is the world’s first AR crypto and P2E game created by a team with extensive experience in developing highly successful location-based mobile applications. It previously launched the District Race app and created fitness apps for large global companies, scaling to over 700,000 users globally.

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a metaverse eco-system builder with a focus on Web3 game investment and a large-scale guild of 3,000+ gamers (Railings University) across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

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