Play It Forward DAO Gaming Scholar Stories: More than just a crypto gaming guild

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7 min readJun 4, 2022

Play It Forward DAO strives to make play more rewarding by continuously helping players achieve their financial goals through play-to-earn (P2E) games. Every week, PIF DAO connects with players and encourages them to share their scholar stories to empower and inspire more people into P2E gaming.

Railings University scholars are welcome to share their stories via the Community Stories channel inside RU’s Discord server. Every week, the RU management team will pick one scholar’s story to feature. The winner will be announced every Saturday. Those who will win will get cash prizes.

Here are some of the scholar stories we have collated in the month of May. If you want to read more stories or become a part of the RU community, join RU’s Discord server today.

“I want to thank the whole management for giving me such an opportunity to become a member of this guild. I was able to celebrate the birthday of my son through my payout. I really love this guild. RU rocks!” — Chris Richard

With the help of Railings University, Chris Richard’s son was able to celebrate his birthday. RU ensures that the payouts of the players will be processed and sent as soon as possible. This is to make sure that players can use the funds to celebrate special occasions like this.

“I joined Railings University last September 19, 2021. Since then, I saved all of my earnings from my scholarship and I decided to use it to buy a laptop (Asus Vivobook). Until now, I can’t believe that I was able to afford a laptop just by playing hard and I am very proud of myself for it. This fruit of my labor made my wife and son very happy. Thank you so much, RU!” — Roberto

Roberto has been with Railings University since 2021, which was also the year when the guild started its operations. Up until 2022, he still remained to be a part of the guild, which clearly shows how we strive to take care of our players.

As seen in the photo, Roberto has managed to purchase a laptop through his P2E income. Any laptop does not come at a low price, so we are proud of Roberto for being a steady and diligent player up to the point where he can buy expensive gadgets with his earnings.

“I joined RU last October 4, 2021, and since then I’ve been playing Axie to cover my expenses for my baby (diaper, milk, etc.). I always prioritize all the needs of my baby and make sure he gets all the things that he needs before having mine. This guild really helped me a lot. Through this guild, I was also able to pay my other bills and debts and I am very thankful for that. I also want to thank all the admins and managers for guiding me here at Railings University. #ontrackwithrailings” — Princess

Railings University is an extremely inclusive community where we welcome every aspiring player. Whether you are a full-time worker, a student, a mom, or others, as long as you are willing to play and earn, you have the chance to enter the P2E industry.

Take the case of Princess, for instance, she was able to take care of her baby and give all her needs while being an RU gamer. Aside from that, she was also able to pay her debts and bills through her P2E earnings. Railings University does not require you to grind, but what we want you to do is to play wisely and learn how to maximize the assets lent to you. This way, even if you do not play the whole day, you are guaranteed to get higher rewards because you perform well within the game.

Moreover, as Princess has mentioned, there are admins and managers that are active in RU’s Discord server 24/7. Whatever your concerns are, whether it's about your payouts, accounts, or scholarships, simply chat on the Discord server and we are ready to assist you anytime.

“I decided to buy a swimming pool from my payout last week for my son and his cousins. This is a photo of them together with their lola (grandmother) while having fun. Thank you Railings University!” — Pedro

Railings University strives to share happiness with its gamers by helping them get closer to their family and friends. Like Pedro, there are many other guild members who are able to bring happiness to their families through the earnings they get from playing P2E games.

Moreover, since Railings University does not require them to play all the time, RU gamers are able to spend more time with their loved ones. We are working on various game partnerships so we can offer better P2E income to our gamers. So, if you are an RU Guild member, always stay in touch with us by being active within our community channels and watching out for game updates and announcements.

What is a crypto gaming guild?

Crypto gaming guilds are online communities of players who use cryptocurrency to trade in-game items and services. These guilds provide a way for gamers to connect with each other and trade goods and services without having to rely on third-party platforms. Crypto gaming guilds also offer a way for gamers to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency, which can be used to purchase in-game items or converted to fiat currency.

There are many benefits to joining a crypto gaming guild. For one, it provides a way for gamers to connect with like-minded people from all over the world. Crypto gaming guilds provide a safe and secure environment for gamers and developers to interact with one another. These guilds often offer exclusive content, bonuses, and events to their members.

In addition, crypto gaming guilds help to protect gamers from fraud and scams. By offering a secure platform for transactions, these guilds help to ensure that gamers are able to safely and easily purchase the games they want.

If you’re a gamer looking for a way to connect with other gamers and trade goods and services, then a crypto gaming guild may be right for you.

Learn how to join a crypto gaming guild and find out the most effective ways to earn money from crypto games

RU and PIF DAO: More than just a crypto gaming guild

One of the crypto guilds at the forefront of P2E gaming is Railings University (RU). RU is the first guild managed by Play It Forward DAO in order to make play more rewarding. The guild accepts scholars from the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and soon to other countries within Southeast Asia as well.

Railings University’s goal is not just to allow its players to earn crypto while playing, but also to be a place where they excel professionally and financially. Aside from scholarship programs, RU also encourages players to build a career in P2E by training them to become streamers, game researchers, and even as a part of the RU or PIF DAO’s administrative team.

Here is Your Ultimate Guide to Crypto Gaming Guilds, be one of our gaming scholars now!

How does the RU crypto gaming guild help scholars?

The vision of Railings University is to invest in its gamers and enhance the community by giving back. This goal will be achieved by creating education-oriented programs that serve as a breeding ground for “gaming legends”. Digital content, live streams, mentoring systems, focus group discussions, and even community tournaments are now in the works within the guild.

One of the latest updates within Railings University is the “RU Legends”. It is a title granted to the exceptional RU gamers, who will be offered lucrative bonuses and exciting opportunities that no other guilds can give.

All Railings University gamers have the chance to become RU Legends. All you have to do is increase your guild participation and consistently improve your gameplay. RU Legends is now open for applications from all Railings University gamers. Those who will apply as an RU Legend will undergo a quick application process where they will be answering some pre-filtering questions.

Do you want to become a GameFi gamer or investor?

Railings University is a great portal to the vast metaverse full of GameFi projects. If you are still not an RU gamer, join us today! Not fond of playing? You can still become a part of the GameFi space by becoming a token investor. Check out what you should do below:

Enter as a gamer

Be a gaming scholar of Railings University so you can start to play and earn, as well as move to earn. We recommend watching various P2E tutorials and Ask Me Anything sessions with our game partners on Youtube. Visit Railings University’s Facebook page to learn more and to watch live streams of different P2E games that the guild offers.

Enter as a token investor

If you are not a gamer, you can be a PIF token holder instead! Start your GameFi journey as a crypto token investor as you become a member of Play It Forward DAO’s Telegram and Discord channels today.

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