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Panels on the Mint & Greet event attended by Play It Forward
Photo by Adrine Alarcon from Twitter

Last April 23, crypto enthusiasts in the Philippines gathered in Draper Startup House Manila to attend the Mint & Greet. Play It Forward DAO ensured to be present at the event to support the NFT space and become updated on the latest trends and news on the space.

Mint & Greet was organized by BitPinas in partnership with Tezos Philippines, Ownly, First Mint Fund, Team Manila, and Crypto Art PH. The event aims to connect with the local NFT art community and mint together in real life.

For those who missed the event, you can watch their recorded live stream on BitPinas’ Facebook page:

A panel discussion with NFT artists and a live workshop on minting on the Tezos blockchain was held at the event. For the introduction, Ismael Jerusalem, CEO and founder of Ownly talked about NFT, including its characteristics, value, advantages and disadvantages, and the process of investing and minting it.

The first panel of artists in the event consists of Jowee Alviar of Team Manila, Kata of KataMaran Art, Kavi from Musikavi, as well as photographer and filmmaker Noel Guevara. They provided a wide range of perspectives about NFT, the process of how they conceptualize and integrate NFTs on their project, on what blockchain their NFTs are minted, and insights on their overall NFT journey.

Most of the artists on the panel use the Tezos blockchain at some point. Kavi also performed during the intermission of the event.

The second batch of panelists consists of the motion graphics artist Motioneer, NFT collector and artist Aldrine Alarcon and AJ Dimarucot, NFTitas who represented one of the oldest crypto artists in the Philippines, ArtbyCarlos as well as Bern from Berndogtography. They talked about their journey in the NFT space and also imparted messages to those who wanted to delve into the same industry.

Tezos Philippines also presented at the event to introduce the blockchain and help the attendees explore the network. He discussed the key processes inside Tezos and gave solid points on why people should mint on Tezos.

Crypto Art Philippines also assisted those who wanted to mint on Tezos by teaching them how to create Kukai and MetaMask wallets. Free gas fees were granted for Tezos minters on the day of the event.

Play It Forward DAO enjoyed their fruitful time during the event and even managed to meet and talk with some of the NFT artists, such as Kata of KataMaran Art and the General Manager and Editor of Bitpinas Michael Vincent Milos.

Play It Forward DAO’s marketing team with Kata of KataMaran Art
Play It Forward DAO’s marketing team with Kata of KataMaran Art
Play It Forward DAO’s marketing team with Kata of KataMaran Art
Play It Forward DAO’s marketing team with Michael Mislos of BitPinas

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