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3 min readNov 24, 2021

Imagine a realm of unimaginable scope, where human creativity is a weapon to dominate, where alternate realities become real-world possibilities, and innovative technology can revitalize an ailing society. This is the state of the ‘Metaverse’ today — a huge, unexplored territory filled with untapped potential.

The infusion of blockchain technology and decentralized finance in gaming platforms is revolutionary. It has transformed ‘casual gaming’ into actual earning opportunities. This is a world that has enabled Play It Forward

The Covid-19 Pandemic is proof of how Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming can change lives. The casualties of massive unemployment readily resorted to P2E games (like Axie Infinity) to supplement their earnings. With the future becoming permissionless and unrestricted, investors and players alike are regaining control and changing the rules of the game.

A revolution is taking place and for the first time, players are reaping rewards for proof of work and proof of stake in gaming — blockchain has democratized gaming and enabled our mission — to make play more rewarding

It’s time to Play It Forward


Play It Forward (PIF) sits at the intersection of fun and opportunity. We imagine PIF as the ecosystem that binds players, managers, experts, and investors in a flywheel of enjoyment and prosperity. We execute our mission via a unique partnership of a large guild (Railings University) and a first-in-class platform (P2E Board).

Railings University

Railings University (RU) is the Guild arm of PIF. We believe passion for gaming should be rewarding for players and we scour the Metaverse for the right P2E games — Axie Infinity is the first, it won’t be the last. Through our unique blend of scholarship programs and investment sponsorships, RU has nurtured a community of over 1,500 scholars across the Philippines and Indonesia supported by dozens of sponsors worldwide.

RU has triumphantly leveraged its brand, not only through income-generating NFT assets, but also with the life-changing opportunities it offered to thousands of scholars at no cost to the players. Top talents are promoted to coaches, trainers, content streamers, community managers, graphic artists, and other senior positions. RU will continue to educate millions of new gamers and sponsors on the power of Play-to-Earn and onboard them to the Metaverse of limitless potential.

P2E Board

In order to help manage our ever-expanding roster of players and to further encourage adoption, PIF will soon be launching P2EBoard. This SaaS platform aims to coordinate a multitude of participants inside a safe virtual haven. We envision a platform where managers, scholars, and sponsors can coordinate and communicate freely.

Think of the P2E Board as a digital hub that unifies digital communities, a platform for guilds to optimize their manpower and assets, and for scholars to retain agency in their careers. It is an essential portal that ensures sustainability amidst the rapid expansion of the Play-to-Earn space. It addresses scalability issues, onboarding concerns, and crisis management — problems that plague all guilds.


PIF is privileged to have earned the confidence of industry leaders who supported its investment strategies and management decisions. PIF shall continue to add value to stakeholders, players, and community builders by maximizing the benefits that they presently enjoy.

The road to the maximum potential of NFT gaming won’t be easy — but we are up to the challenge. While many are still unfamiliar with P2E gaming, cryptocurrency, and investing — we intend to bridge that gap and make the Metaverse accessible for all

We are determined to make play more rewarding and to Play It Forward.

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