P2E games you can find in most Crypto Gaming Guilds

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8 min readJun 16, 2022

The world of crypto gaming is ever-growing. Along with the increase in the popularity of P2E games came an upsurge in the number of players who were unable to join due to the rising costs of gaming NFTs. Due to this, more and more crypto gaming guilds are springing up to provide assistance to gamers who are interested in P2E games.

Scholarship programs are often the entry point of gamers into the world of P2E games. Since most P2E games require NFT assets to be purchased before playing, many gamers are turning to crypto gaming guilds that provide scholarships.

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Today, we will discuss the importance of scholarship programs and provide you with a list of P2E games that you will often find in crypto gaming guilds:

What are crypto gaming guilds?

Crypto gaming guilds aim to facilitate players’ participation in NFT or P2E games. They accomplish this by acquiring a community of gamers and investors who can work together to provide and utilize digital assets in exchange for rewards.

Typically, investors help players by renting out NFTs through scholarship programs, which generate revenue for the investors.

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What are scholarship programs?

Although it is possible to make money playing crypto games, doing so often involves initial investments. This may come in the form of NFTs like characters, lands, or any other items required to enter a P2E game.

Since not every player has the resources to buy these assets, crypto gaming guilds offer scholarships and renting programs. Scholarship programs can take a wide variety of forms, but the primary objective of these platforms is to make it easier for players to get started in P2E games.

In essence, scholarship programs allow players to rent the required digital P2E assets from crypto gaming guilds. All of the guild members receive a portion of the scholarship player’s winnings and earnings. The distribution varies depending on the gaming guild.

The importance of scholarship programs brought by crypto gaming guilds

Scholarship programs are designed with one aim: to make it possible for as many players to participate in P2E games. Community is one of the most vital aspects of crypto, and it is even more vital to the gaming industry. Scholarship programs are becoming even more significant ever since the crypto gaming space saw a period of massive expansion in recent years.

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Popular P2E games you can play through scholarships

Here are some popular and profitable P2E games you will often see in most crypto gaming guilds:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was the first game to introduce the concept of crypto gaming guilds and scholarship programs to players.

In Axie Infinity, you will use Pokémon-like creatures known as Axies in turn-based combat against other players. If you win, you will receive $SLP coins, which can be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange for fiat money. Axies can also be bred, enabling you to have potentially more powerful teams or even sell the NFTs for higher prices.


Splinterlands is a popular P2E card game built on the HIVE blockchain. There are many ways to play the game, including matches, tournaments, and quests.

More than 283 cards are available in the game, and they can be combined to increase statistics, gain strength, and win games against other players. Each card is associated with a particular fraction: Water, Life, Death, Dragon, Earth, Fire, or Neutral.

The game has two currencies: $SPS (the governance token) and $DEC (the utility token). The former is used to gain governance rights within the game, while the latter is traded in-game. With $DEC, you can buy, sell, and trade NFTs, such as cards, land, and various in-game items.

Splinterlands is a true pioneer in the P2E genre. Its scholarship community is one of the most vibrant in the industry. Although the barrier to entry into the game is not exceptionally high, a powerful deck is required to progress to higher tiers and receive better rewards.

Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is another popular P2E game that has a well-developed scholarship program. It follows in the footsteps of Axie Infinity, which was similarly successful.

When the game started drawing in an increasing number of players, the price of NFTs skyrocketed. As a result, there are now a large number of scholars participating in the scholarship programs.

The gameplay of Thetan Arena is mostly around getting NFT characters to build a squad. You will have the chance to compete against other players in 1V1 matches and tournaments to collect TCG and THC tokens. After that, you may use these tokens to improve the statistics of your NFTs or trade them on exchanges for other crypto or fiat currencies.

Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a P2E game with a host of locations you can explore to catch blockchain monsters and battle them to earn tokens. Every block on the BCMH blockchain has unique characters residing on them and features different abilities.

You can find genesis, wild, and artificial species types of monsters within the game. Genesis monsters are pre-mined, wild monsters are randomly generated via the blockchain, and artificial monsters are created when two monsters are merged into one.

Blockchain Monster Hunt emphasizes GameFi’s decentralization. As new blocks are made within the blockchain, new monsters will appear. This means that the creation of monsters cannot be manipulated or controlled.

One of the most distinctive features of this game is that you can play it on multiple blockchains. You can choose to play on affordable blockchains, which makes it accessible to scholars.

Different monsters are unique to every blockchain. If you want to get unique monsters or have certain advantages in battle, trade your NFTs across other blockchains.


CyBall is a football or soccer-themed NFT-based game where you can collect, trade, mentor, and battle CyBlocs within CyBall matches. CyBlocs are the game’s primary in-game asset, represented as NFTs.

CyBlocs can be bought, sold, upgraded, traded, and battled. The game has turn-based card gameplay that requires a fusion of strategy and simulation elements. Your goal in Cyball is to score as many points as possible.


Pegaxy is an NFT horse racing game where you will participate in races in PVP format to earn in-game tokens called VIS (Vigorus), which you can exchange for fiat money.

In the game, the horses (Pegas) belong to various elements such as fire, wind, water, and others. Each mythological horse has different levels or rarities, which determine its price and utility.

Breeding a Pega is one of the best ways to make money in the game. The more Pegas you have, the better. The game also has a secure and transparent rental system that uses automatic payments to distribute earnings automatically.

What will be the future of crypto gaming guilds?

Thanks to blockchain technology, games have evolved into more than just a form of amusement. The recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft and the launch of the NFT marketplace by gaming studio Ubisoft indicate that the gaming industry is serious about implementing blockchain innovations into mainstream gaming.

The vast majority of P2E games are decentralized, which means they are collaboratively owned by both the game’s developers and the players. This is in contrast to typical video games.

When players take part in a P2E game’s economy, they create value not only for themselves but also for the other players and the developers.

So, what can we look forward to in the world of crypto gaming guilds in the coming years? In any case, crypto gaming guilds are beginning to see an increase in membership numbers.

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