Learn how to join a crypto gaming guild and find out the most effective ways to earn money from crypto games

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Earning money from video games has been the dream of many hardcore and casual gamer. Thanks to the development in the crypto space, this goal can now be achieved! Now, you can earn money by reviewing crypto games, broadcasting yourself playing them or even becoming a professional video game athlete.

Read this article if you prefer to learn everything about how crypto gaming works first before learning how to join a crypto gaming guild and the ways to earn money from crypto games.

To help you get started on your lucrative gaming journey, here are the most effective ways you can follow to earn money from crypto games:

Join a crypto gaming guild

One of the most effective ways to earn money from crypto games is through crypto gaming guilds. Crypto gaming guilds let you play and earn in P2E games without investing in the required in-game assets to enter the game. Inside crypto gaming guilds are managers who rent out NFTs and gamers who will use those digital assets to play and win in the game.

You can be a member of crypto gaming guilds like Play It Forward DAO previously known as Railings University by joining their Discord channel. Everyone is welcome to join Railings University, even those who don’t have any experience playing crypto games. There will be active moderators and admins who will answer any of your questions.

Play It Fwd DAO is a crypto gaming guild company that produces the biggest gamers guild within the metaverse to make it more attainable. Play more blockchain games of your choice! Get rewarded more! Earn more with Play to earn games! Visit our website. Reach out to us through Discord or Telegram and follow our Social Media accounts.

After joining a crypto gaming guild, you can get a chance to play crypto games through sponsorships. Other methods of earning and expanding your in-game assets are through staking and referral programs:


Another effective strategy you can do to earn money within a crypto gaming guild is to stake your crypto rewards. By becoming an active member and a liquid provider of the guild, you will receive a share of the revenues that everyone in the guild generates together.

Through staking, you will have the chance to gain steady passive income streams from your crypto holdings.

Referral programs

In addition to staking crypto rewards, many crypto gaming platforms also offer other revenue-sharing opportunities. Many crypto gaming platforms offer referral programs and bounty campaigns.

Through referral programs, you can earn crypto rewards by referring new members to the platform. On the other hand, crypto gaming platforms also run bounty campaigns in which you can earn crypto rewards by completing certain tasks or promoting the platform on social media.

Play crypto games

There are a few different ways that you can earn money from crypto games. The most common way is to simply play the game and hope to win some crypto. To improve your chances of winning, in-game purchases can be made using real money or cryptocurrency.

When you make a purchase, you will receive an in-game item, currency, or both. These items can be used to improve your game experience or give you an edge over other players. Rewards are given out by the game developers to encourage players to keep playing the game. These can be in the form of in-game items, currency, or both.

It is best if you choose the popular games to play and earn. Games with higher popularity mean that a great number of players trust the earning mechanism and enjoy the gameplay. Thus, you can guarantee the quality of the game if you opt for the popular titles.

Enter decentralized esports tournaments

Crypto games are also becoming increasingly popular in the world of esports because offer exciting new ways to earn money from your skills and passion. These tournaments allow you to compete against other gamers for prizes, making them a great way to generate revenue.

There are platforms that can provide you with opportunities to win sizeable payouts through leaderboards, individual matches, or community-based competitions. The tournaments are usually organized by game developers or third-party organizations. If you participate and win, you can get rewards such as rare NFTs or cryptocurrency tokens.

Crypto gaming guilds, like Railings University, also offer opportunities to their gamers to enter crypto gaming tournaments. In fact, some of its gamers are already acing in Axie Infinity tournaments. Recently, Railing University won in Destiny Games: Battle of Prodigies Invitational League

Utilize in-game NFTs

As more crypto games become available, the number of effective ways to earn money through crypto gaming also increases. One of the most popular methods is by trading in-game assets like non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

Trade your NFTs

NFTs can be traded on crypto exchanges and marketplaces, allowing you to generate profits through price fluctuations in the market. Remember that the crypto gaming industry is constantly changing and evolving. Thus, it is important to be aware of current trends to make informed decisions. By paying attention to the market, you can profit from both short-term and long-term trends.

Rent out your NFTs

You can also earn money by renting out your in-game assets, such as characters, items, or land. Keep in mind that the most effective way to make money from crypto games depends on your level of skill and commitment. If you’re a skilled player who enjoys playing games, then you can probably make the most money by simply winning crypto coins or tokens.

However, if you’re not as skilled or don’t have as much time to commit to playing games, then renting out your in-game assets may be a better option. Crypto assets that you aren’t using or actively trading can be lent to other players to earn money from crypto games.

Become a crypto game live streamer

Another common and effective way to earn from crypto games is to simply stream your gameplay on a live streaming platform like Twitch or YouTube Gaming. To get started, you can simply set up an account on a streaming platform like Twitch or YouTube Gaming and start broadcasting your gameplay.

Donations from viewers

There are a few different ways that crypto gamers can earn money from live streaming. The most common way is through donations from viewers. Viewers can donate crypto directly to their favorite streamers. This allows the streamer to then convert it into fiat or other cryptocurrencies and use it however they see fit.


Another way for crypto gamers to earn money is through sponsorships. This is where a company will pay the streamer to promote their product or service during their broadcast. This can be done in a number of ways, such as banner ads, verbal mentions, or even product placement within the game itself.

Some crypto gaming platforms offer rewards for popular streamers. This could take the form of in-game items, exclusive emotes or badges, or even real-world prizes. This is a great way for platforms to encourage more people to use their service, and it can be a significant source of income for top streamers.

Affiliate programs

Some crypto games even offer affiliate programs that allow you to earn commissions on players that you refer to the game. Affiliate programs allow you to promote and sell game products and services to other players. When someone uses your affiliate link to make a purchase, you will earn a commission.

No matter which method they choose, crypto gamers can earn good money from live streaming if they build up a large enough audience. If you have a large and engaged following, then any of the above methods could work well for you. Answer questions and respond to comments to help you build a loyal following over time.


With the right strategy, crypto gaming can be a lucrative way to earn extra income. By following the methods above, you can maximize your chances of earning money from crypto games. So if you’re looking to get involved in this exciting new world, be sure to keep them in mind.

Regardless of how you choose to earn crypto from crypto games, there are plenty of opportunities available if you know where to look. So start exploring today and see what earning potential you can find! Visit Play It Forward DAO’s website to find out how you can become a crypto gamer.

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