How Crypto Gaming Guilds give players access to NFTs

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6 min readJun 14, 2022


When you own an NFT for a play-to-earn (P2E) game, you can unlock a whole metaverse of earning opportunities. Let’s take a look at how you can avoid buying expensive NFTs to play P2E games with the help of a crypto gaming guild.

It is important that you grasp what crypto gaming guild is and how it works first before going further into this topic, here’s your ultimate guide to crypto gaming guilds.

Due to the current boom in crypto gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) associated with games are continuously increasing. NFT gaming is finally getting the attention it deserves from a growing number of crypto players and investors.

However, along with the boom comes the skyrocketing NFT prices that most regular people simply cannot afford. Imagine paying top dollars to play a crypto game when some people only pay $70 for the newest traditional video games.

You might think that the prices associated with crypto gaming are surprising, but there are some convincing reasons why they cost as much as they do.

Railings University is a large crypto gaming guild managed by Play It Forward DAO with over 3000 game scholars in different countries such as Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. You can earn extra income when you become a gaming scholar guild while playing NFT blockchain games of your choice.

How can crypto gaming guilds help NFT games?

The price of NFTs will increase, similar to what would happen with any other valuable asset if there is a big demand for it from a community or a large number of people. Since gaming NFTs provide gamers an advantage that traditional video game assets can’t offer, they attract the attention of investors and players.

When you buy an NFT, you purchase a piece of the game for yourself. This means that the avatar, skin, item, or anything else you buy is yours to keep, regardless of whether you are currently playing the game or not.

If you think P2E gaming is not for you just because you can’t afford the initial costs of gaming NFTs, there is a solution. Crypto gaming guilds allow you to rent NFTs and start your P2E journey in exchange for a percentage of your earnings.

Before we delve deeper into how crypto gaming guilds can provide you with expensive NFTs for free initially, let’s take a look at why it is vital to have NFTs to play P2E games.

The necessity to purchase NFT in playing P2E games

NFTs offer a variety of benefits that can be used in games. The most fundamental application of NFTs in a game is the representation of playable characters and unique items such as power-ups or lands.

When trying out a P2E game, you should consider NFTs to be an early investment. The developers of these games want to make sure that you are committed to playing and willing to invest the necessary funds to open up a new revenue stream for yourself.

NFT prices are determined by a number of factors, one of which is the game’s earning potential. In addition, the demand of the market and the unity of the community both play a significant role as well.

The value of NFTs could potentially increase over time or if the game’s popularity grows. You can also create your own NFTs in certain games, adding additional content to the game’s environment.

What can you do with gaming NFTs?

Once you are able to get an NFT for a game, you can now take full advantage of its P2E economy. This economy often requires you to complete tasks or win battles to acquire rewards in the form of the game’s cryptocurrency. This is where the majority of your incentives will come from.

You can also accumulate and sell additional NFTs within the game. Since you have complete control over the NFTs and tokens you bought, it is entirely up to you to decide what actions to take next with them.

Some people may be interested in selling their tokens at a profit, staking their tokens to generate more passive revenue, or simply keeping them. You will have access to a vast number of opportunities to earn money.

However, regardless of your choice with your earnings, the most challenging part will be getting past the starting point. This is where crypto gaming guilds come in.

What are crypto gaming guilds?

Play-to-earn gaming guilds or crypto gaming guilds are organizations of investors, gamers, and managers. Within these gaming guilds are managers who have a significant quantity of gaming NFTs. The NFTs will be rented out to players who are interested in participating in P2E games but do not have the financial means to do so.

The rent paid to the guild is distributed among the members, managers, and treasury participants in equal portions. Most of the time, the profits are returned to the guild to be used.

A crypto gaming guild is not a rental business but rather a family of players who are eager to improve their own lives along with the lives of others. Those who live in developing nations or come from economically disadvantaged origins now have the opportunity to achieve economic freedom.

Venture capitalists and other institutional investors are also starting to take an interest in gaming guilds. The social benefit that guilds provide to the gaming world is what sets them apart from other organizations.

See yourself how a crypto gaming guild like Railings Univesity helps improved the lives of many guild scholars on this article: Play It Forward DAO Gaming Scholar Stories: More than just a crypto gaming guild.

Check out this article to learn how to join a crypto gaming guild and find out the most effective ways to earn money from crypto games.

NFT gamification and crypto gaming guilds

The application of blockchain technology to traditional game elements is referred to as NFT gamification. Playing NFT video games is a fairly straightforward process. Here, NFTs are used and programmed in the game so that they can be sold and have value among players and collectors.

Due to the growing popularity of decentralized games, crypto gaming guilds have emerged to assist new crypto players. As a result, the barrier to entering NFT games is eliminated. Guild members can now rent in-game assets rather than pay massive amounts to acquire them. The lender or the manager will then receive a portion of the player’s revenue.

Crypto gaming guilds are relatively new and have emerged as a direct result of the growing popularity of the NFT gaming industry. Guilds make more money when they have more new players, and those new players can immediately begin making money for themselves.

How to start your journey within the crypto gaming industry

The crypto gaming industry allows investors and players to work together. You can join millions of crypto enthusiasts and enter the space by becoming a P2E gamer or a crypto token investor. Take a look at how you can do these below:

Enter as a crypto gaming guild member

Become a player under Railings University, the first crypto gaming guild under Play It Forward DAO. Railings University provides a wide range of P2E games where you can play and earn, as well as move to earn with 0% capital.

Visit Railings University’s Facebook page to learn more about the guild and meet some of its streamers. You can also watch game tutorials and Ask Me Anything sessions with RU’s game partners on Youtube.

Enter as a token investor

If you are not a gamer, you can still be a part of the crypto gaming guild by becoming a PIF token holder. Begin your journey as a PIF token investor and help the guild prosper by joining Play It Forward DAO’s Telegram and Discord channels today.

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