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4 min readJan 14, 2022

Play It Forward DAO is powered by $PIF, a unique ERC-20 token designed to offer holders in-game rewards, appreciating value, and a say in Play It Forward’s future direction.

Play It Forward DAO is dedicated to creating a more accessible, streamlined play-to-earn (P2E) gaming experience for everyone. With its centralized P2E Board that aggregates data from all of a player or guild’s favorite games, Play It Forward will offer unprecedented efficiency. In addition, Play It Forward DAO deploys 3,000+ players via PIF Guild, utilizing NFTs assets to build their financial futures via P2E gaming.

At the heart of Play It Forward DAO is its ERC-20 token, $PIF. The team is confident that $PIF will be more than a mere utility or governance token. As PIF DAO expands our guild and platform operations, $PIF will become a true P2E index, appreciating in value alongside the development and expansion of the P2E gaming sector and the Metaverse as a whole.

How Will $PIF Be Used?

By purchasing $PIF tokens, users will be able to join Play It Forward DAO and unlock its many benefits. Those interested primarily in investing will be able to stake $PIF, earning a share of the revenue earned by the DAO. Guild managers will use $PIF to access the tools they need to scale via the P2E Board — enabling them to build and manage a successful, cross-game P2E guild. Finally, players will have the opportunity to join the DAO community and have a voice in the future of Play It Forward DAO.

Token Accrual of $PIF

So, how will $PIF accrue value? The answer to that question can be broken down into four big categories:

1. NFT Yield Generation

The value of $PIF will naturally increase as the DAO purchases and pools in-game, income-generating NFT assets. As more of these valuable assets are purchased, the value of the DAO itself will grow. And that will lead to value accrual for $PIF.

2. Growth Platform Revenues

As new P2E games and players join the Play It Forward community, the DAO will earn platform revenue. This increase in revenue and value for the DAO as a whole will make $PIF more valuable and sought after.

3. Treasury Investment Growth

Play It Forward DAO will continue to foster growth of the P2E ecosystem by investing in governance tokens and in-game NFT assets for the best P2E games. These investments will become part of the DAO’s treasury — as these assets increase in value, so to will the value of $PIF.

4. Treasury Management via Buybacks

Play It Forward’s team understands the volatility and uncertainty of the crypto market and the wild swings in price of tokens. This is why we will set aside a portion of the Treasury and DAO profits to conduct opportunistic $PIF buybacks, providing a soft floor on the $PIF price and partially insulating our community and tokenholders from big price swings.

$PIF Distribution and Emission

When designing our tokenomics, Play It Forward DAO prioritized the health and well-being of our community over other stakeholders. We achieve this by a number of ways:

  • Total $PIF token supply capped at 1,000,000,000 — as we introduce more burn mechanics, we foresee a deflationary future for $PIF. There will never be more than 1,000,000,000 $PIF tokens in existence
  • Long vesting periods for Team, Advisors, and Investors — unlike other projects, team, advisors, and investors are on the same full unlock schedule of 3years with ZERO tokens available at TGE. All our key stakeholders are adopting the long-term mindset
  • Large Allocation to Community — we will allocate a large proportion of our token supply to community via staking rewards and strategic airdrops to community members. Any token buybacks will also be placed in the community wallet for distribution back to long-term holders via staking

The $PIF token launch is scheduled to run between January 19 and 22 via CopperLaunch.com.

Visit the auction page by clicking here: https://copperlaunch.com/auctions/0xda724fa0Da9c7A17BdFB5e970Ba26b75588C5E4a

About Play It Forward DAO

Play It Forward DAO is a metaverse eco-system builder with a focus on Web3 game investment and a large-scale guild of 3,000+ gamers (Railings University) across the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

The company is positioned to provide broad access to play-to-earn gaming by educating, empowering, and integrating underprivileged communities into the P2E industry. PIF DAO is positioned to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play metaverse by allowing its members to invest, play, learn and earn.

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