Crypto Gaming 101: How to Start and Win in Crypto Games

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6 min readApr 6, 2022


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Crypto gaming 101: How to start and win in crypto games

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm, and it is easy to know why! They offer a level of security and privacy that is unmatched by traditional currencies. In addition, they are becoming more and more popular in the gaming world. If you’re looking to get into crypto gaming, this is the blog post for you!

This post will discuss the basics of crypto gaming and how to get started. Aside from that, we will also give a list of the best crypto games and tips on how to win P2E games. Play It Forward DAO, a platform for the biggest crypto gaming guild in Southeast Asia is here to guide you through!

What is crypto gaming?

So, what is crypto gaming? In a nutshell, crypto gaming uses cryptocurrencies to play games. Cryptocurrencies are digital coins that use cryptography to control the creation of new units and secure transactions within a decentralized ledger called the blockchain. Some examples of popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Crypto gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Many crypto gaming platforms are now available, each with its unique games. These games can be played for real money or virtual currency.

Many people wonder if crypto gaming is worth trying. One of the best ways to find out is to learn everything about it.

How to start your crypto gaming journey

If you’re new to crypto gaming, don’t worry! We’ll walk you through the basics. The first thing you need to do is create a crypto gaming account. This is usually done by providing your name, email address, and password. Once you have created an account, you will need to fund it with cryptocurrency. You can do this by transferring funds from your regular cryptocurrency wallet or by buying digital tokens directly from the game platform.

Once your account is funded, you can start playing games! There are many crypto games to choose from, such as Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, Thetan Arena, and much more.

When playing crypto games, it’s important to remember a few things. First, always be sure to read the terms and conditions before playing. Second, be aware of the risks involved in gambling with real money. Finally, don’t forget to have fun!

Tips for winning big in crypto gaming

Now that you know the basics of crypto gaming, it’s time to learn how to win big! Here are some helpful tips you can use to get you started:

  • Start by playing free demos as much as possible. This will help you get a feel for the game and learn the ropes before risking real money.
  • Know the ins and outs of the crypto game by watching playthroughs, tutorials, and live streams.
  • Join crypto gaming guilds to minimize the costs of initial crypto assets required to enter and play the game.

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a crypto gaming pro in no time! So what are you waiting for? Start playing today and see if you can start raking in the wins! Who knows, you might just become the next big crypto gaming champion!

Best crypto games to try

With the increasing popularity of crypto gaming, various play-to-earn (P2E) games are entering the industry. These new and upcoming games provide plenty of opportunities to earn money and explore the vast Metaverse. Take a look at them below:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game where monsters called Axis are leveled up and used in battles against other opponents. Each Axis has unique abilities based on its genes which you can combine with others to generate more robust genetic combinations.

Nitro League

Nitro League is a blockchain-based racing game created by a team with over 500 million app store downloads, as well as 3 billion worth of crypto projects and economies. This game aims to create a true metaverse where players can host contests, services, and social events. NFTs with cutting-edge gameplay mechanics make up all in-game assets and utilities in Nitro League.

Summoners Arena

Summoners Arena is an idle RPG that combines traditional and blockchain gaming to let players engage in immersive gameplay while generating a steady income. It was developed from an existing game with a large user base. Thus, it has a lot of expertise in community building, aesthetics, narrative, and character creation. In addition, its play-first model emphasizes well-developed gameplay and user experience, making it stand out from most GameFi projects’ earn-first P2E models.

Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt brings together people from various blockchain groups through a multi-chain metaverse. It is inspired by Pokemon GO which allows users to discover new places to hunt and fight monsters constantly. In Blockchain Monster Hunt, each block on the blockchain has a one-of-a-kind digital environment with a finite number of monsters. Catch these unique creatures and earn tokens by hunting them or combatting them.


CyBall is a play-to-earn NFT-based game with a football theme. It allows users to collect, trade, mentor, and battle their CyBlocs within a CyBall match. CyBlocs, which are represented as NFTs on the blockchain, are Cyborgs on the blockchain and are also the primary in-game asset.


HappyLand was inspired by the Texas countryside in the United States of America. Here, players will take on the role of a farm owners where they farm, raise pets and take care of the land. Following that, each player will contribute to creating a multi-farm metaverse with a variety of creative styles.

Tank Wars Zone

Tank Wars Zone is one of the first blockchain games on Fantom. It introduces a new blockchain tank battle game that allows gamers to make money while also transforming the global gaming business in the blockchain era.

Mirror World

Mirror World allows users to connect to multiple games and participate in various gaming scenarios. Here, players can make money by swapping and trading in the Marketplace in the game’s independent and integrated economic system. Mirror World is halfway through its roadmap as of this writing, and its video teasers have already been released.


MetaGods is a blockchain-based multiplayer online RPG where players can explore dungeons and kill mythological creatures to earn incredible NFT riches. Players can also bring their friends along from any Metaverse to get more rewards.

Eizper Chain

Eizper Chain combines adventure and arena battles by letting its players explore the fast-paced world of Eizper while being guided by a captivating epic plot. In arena battles, players can compete against one another with battle events to win rewards.

Duckie Land

Duckie Land is a blockchain-based multiplayer game in which each Duckie is an NFT. Millions of users can participate in the NFT universe and receive reward tokens for their contributions to the ecosystem and skillful gameplay.


We hope you enjoyed this introduction to crypto gaming. If you’re looking to get started in this exciting new world, be sure to create an account and fund it with cryptocurrency. With a little bit of luck, you could be the next big winner!

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