A Brief Guide to $PIF, the Play It Forward Token

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3 min readJan 10, 2022

Play It Forward — Building a Metaverse for All

Play It Forward DAO is dedicated to a simple idea: for the Metaverse to live up to its potential, it must prioritize connectivity. It must be a place where users can connect with others, banding together to form guilds that will support one another with advice, resources, and more. But that’s not all.

Our native token — $PIF — will unlock the full value of Play It Forward DAO’s ecosystem for its holders. An ERC-20 token, PIF will have various use cases that fit the many needs of our community.

1. Staking Program and DAO Benefits

Investors will have the opportunity to stake PIF to earn a share of the revenues across our guild (PIF Guild) and the platform (P2E Board). We will release more details about our staking program in the weeks following our token launch auction. We aim to set aside a large amount of tokens in the first 12 months post TGE to reward stakers for your ongoing support of the project.

As the ecosystem expands, the Play It Forward DAO team will provide more variety and choice to our community via more benefits for holders:

  • Rewards via PIF staking program
  • Priority allocation in NFT drops for the DAO and our games partners
  • Enhanced returns on our platform for players

2. Platform Tools and Services

Play It Forward DAO will empower guild managers and players in managing their Metaverse journey through our P2E Board. The $PIF token will serve as the core currency of P2E Board, serving as payment for transactions conducted on the platform.

For guild managers, we will provide you with tools, automation, and services to better manage your players. For scholars, you can create an immutable profile that will track your performance as you journey through the Metaverse.

3. PIF Treasury as a Play-to-Earn Index

As Play It Forward DAO continues to expand into more games and communities, we will deploy the DAO Treasury and profits to invest in NFT assets and governance tokens of leading Play-to-Earn games. We will focus on games that have a strong development team and exciting roadmap.

Over time, the $PIF token will take on the characteristics of a true index play on the Metaverse — across (i) value accretion from token and NFT price appreciation, (ii) income generation from profitable scholarship and inventory management programs, and (iii) growth in platform revenues as we onboard more guilds and players into the Metaverse.

The DAO Treasury will also take an active role in balancing the interest of our community, actively using DAO profits to buyback $PIF tokens in the market and using spare liquidity to support the price in times of significant market dislocation.

4. DAO Governance

One of the greatest benefits of DAOs is their governance model, one that democratizes decisions and ensures every token holder has their voice heard. This is part of the value in holding PIF tokens. Each member will have voting power that’s proportional to the percentage of total tokens they hold. As the platform matures, the Play It Forward DAO will create an ever more equitable, cooperative community dedicated to the future of Play-to-Earn gaming and the Metaverse.

PIF Distribution

With a primary focus on community and Play-to-Earn expansion, Play It Forward DAO’s approach will have a persistent bias towards democratization of access and delivering an attractive return profile for all involved. As we grow the space and our asset base, all value will accrue to the holders of the $PIF tokens.

We are in the very early stages of the Play-to-Earn revolution and the Play It Forward DAO team are excited to uncover more staking use cases in the future as the space continues to evolve.

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