5 best crypto games of march 2022

5 best crypto games this March 2022

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4 min readMar 31, 2022


A lot of blockchain-based games have sprouted lately due to the innovations within the crypto space. While there are thousands of titles that aspire to reach a huge user base, only a few of them have managed to succeed. With no particular order, check out the best crypto games this March 2022 and see if some of your favorites are included in the list!

NFTs at Blockchain Monster Hunt
NFT monsters from Blockchain Monster Hunt that are born, caught and traded across multiple chains

Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt is a P2E game inspired by Pokemon Go and other monster battling titles. It has a host of locations where players can explore in search of blockchain monsters, Each block on the BCM Hunt blockchain has unique characters with special and distinct abilities that reside and grow on it.

Your goal in the game, as a player, is to hunt those monsters and use them for battling and trading. You can play this game and trade your monsters on multiple blockchains. Because of that, Blockchain Monster Hunt is the world’s first multi-chain P2E game.

HappyLand gameplay
The gameplay of HappyLand as seen on their website


HappyLand is a blockchain-based game where you can earn money by running a digital farm. It’s a Metaverse inspired by the popular farm management game, Farmville.

In the game, you will start with a plot of land with nothing more than a house and a warehouse. Your goal is to transform that into a blockchain-based farm empire by cultivating crops, raising and breeding animals as well as selling your fruits of labor for rewards.

As the game develops and updates are being implemented, you can soon purchase new tools and build factories. You will also be able to visit entertainment venues, navigate farms and city streets as well as access an online shopping mall.

Games from Ethlas
Some of the available crypto games on Ethlas


Ethlas is a unique casual GameFi platform where players can enjoy an array of arcades, puzzles, and other casual games while earning crypto rewards. It is backed by big investors including the senior executives from Coinbase, CoinMarketCap, Grab, and more.

Within 8 weeks of launching, Ethlas had already surpassed 2.5 million gameplays. It was also awarded as the Best NFT/GameFi Project by Polygon Foundation last December 2021.

Ethlas is also in partnership with leading crypto gaming guilds all over the world, including Play It Forward DAO’s guild named Railings University. As a result, those who can’t afford to pay for the required in-game assets are given a chance to play the game through sponsorships.

Cyball gameplay
CyBall gameplay as seen on their official Youtube channel


CyBall is a football-inspired crypto game that features in-game characters called CyBlocs that can be bought, battled, upgraded, sold, and traded. Although the game is inspired by the famous sport, it does not feature traditional gameplay similar to other football games.

Instead, CyBall adopts turn-based card gameplay with strategy and simulation elements. Your goal in the game is to score as many points as possible with each match. This can be achieved easier if you train your Cyblocs in a variety of game modes.

Pegaxy homepage
Pegaxy’s homepage


Pegaxy is a P2E racing game that has a futuristic mythological theme. Here, you can participate in PvP races using your NFT horses called Pega. Winning a race is challenging and exciting since you want to fully understand the mechanics and refine your Pega’s skills.

Once you enter a race, you will have 60 seconds to evaluate the track’s variables and fit gear to your Pega. You can breed your Pega for better chances of winning the race or sell them for a profit. The more Pega you have, the more rewarding and entertaining your Pegaxy experience will be.

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